This film is a collaboration with London College of Fashion womenswear graduate Mara Moldovan to produce a film for university's press show. It showcases the pieces from her graduate collection and tells a story and inspiration behind her designs."The collection collapses together various past representation of women, alluding to the instabilities in their appearances according to their social roles. It brings together contrasting signifiers such as the Victorian elongated necklines and fluid silhouettes, the androgynous shapes of the military garments from the WWII, the practical clothing worn by Land Girls in the 40s, as well as sexualised sculpted waistlines and tailoring techniques of the 1950s, with an emphasis on Dior's 'New Look'. Using Man Ray's photography technique of juxtaposition, opposed natures are blended together into an integrated persona. Mara is drawn by the experiences that women had historically and they way in which they built the empowered contemporary women of nowadays, with such complex personalities that enable them to adapt to any situation. Through the collection, she embraces women's past struggles and wishes to create these fashioned characters that could be both, delicate and firm, modest and eccentric." Based on the designer's ideas and the collection, the film shows a walk-through, reminiscing about the history of women's societal roles.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

DOP, post-production: Maria Epoyan

Fashion & styling: Mara Moldovan

Hair & Makeup: Samantha Coles

Model: Jessica Bishop