This is a Masters final major project that explores the medium of 3D as a tool for fashion communication and challenges the traditional idea of heritage as a brand message to communicate a craft based brand. Modern Alchemy explores outfits and accessories from designer Manimekala’s collection through its textiles, embellishments and accessories that went along with the clothing collection. Performing a range of traditional manipulations on her textiles, Manimekala compared these processes to alchemy. The film is a metaphor to the most prominent alchemical process - collision of base metals into gold. The fabrics and embellishments used in the collection present a lot of different coloured metallic surfaces and iridescent materials. Thus the film shows a collision of all the different components, which altogether make the design complete. The landscape used in the film is something in between volcanic rocks that the designer was also inspired by and the surface of Mars as a visual nod to alchemy’s fascination with planets. Fabrics, prints, embellishments become ‘alive’ in the 3D setting and appear separated from the overall outfit. They come under the lens and are looked at individually as separate components of the whole image, elevating the importance of various techniques used on each piece of fabric and accessory in the collection.


Software: Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects

Creative direction/motion graphics/stills: Maria Epoyan